Welcome to KPG-Canada Inc.

With over 24 years of experience in the industry of printing, finishing, and packaging, consider us as your primary OEM provider. KPG Canada Inc. supplies machinery and solutions to the printing, finishing, and packaging industries. We utilize the latest technologies, enabling you to manifest solutions which maximize ROI are have fantastic competitive appeal.


Ko-Pack to KPG

Following 15 years at Ko-pack International, the Japanese based manufacturer of CID Letterpresses, Tim Poznic (sales manager) and Kevin Held (service manager), eventually purchased the North and South American markets from Ko-pack and thus co-founded KPG in August 2006.

KPG then signed an agreement with the Japanese manufacturing firm authorizing KPG to both manufacture and upgrade the original Ko-pack Letterpress. This arrangement therefore enabled KPG to utilize their reputation in sales and service with the former Ko-pack employer to emerge as a significant provider of parts and service for the 200-plus existing Ko-pack presses in operation. As an OEM, and now being independently owned, KPG has demonstrated its experience based expertise by instituting and offering various axillaries for all presses. Standard upgrades for presses such as; non-stop operation (on-the-fly spicing), auto-registration, Speciality Die Stations, chilling systems, hot stamp units, and inspection systems.

KPG continued to advance its presence and significance with the signing of agreements entitling KPG to become the North American representatives for international entities such as: Gidue, selling and servicing their flexo and offset presses; SMAG, representing their finishing equipment; and later ELBA, selling and supporting their equipment used in making bags and pouches. KPG has proudly showcased and represented it’s products and capabilities by attending industry exhibitions both in the U.S and the EU. They are acknowledged and validated by their industry, being members in good standing to both TMLA and FTA.

Marketplace technologies evolve, and with the exception of the tube laminate market, CID letterpresses are becoming less prevalent. In 2012, based on their individual skill sets and strengths in their respective areas, Tim and Kevin elected to split KPG into two separate companies. KGP-Canada Inc. founded by Tim Poznic, is located in Bolton, Ontario, Canada, which is in the Greater Toronto Area. KPG-Canada and still works closely with KPG Corp, which is remains located in Vermont, USA and is run by Kevin Held.



The KGP-Canada Bolton location operates with a local staff of 4 employees, a number of subcontractors throughout Southern Ontario, and a small team of consultants based in Europe. KPG-Canada Inc focuses its talents on the design and sales of a variety of diversified equipment for today’s printing and packaging industries as well as the manufacturing of customized equipment. The signing of an agreement with a European software company now enables KPG-Canada Inc the ability to fully design both unique and highly advanced servo applications. Recently, they have successfully completed a large project applying such technologies to an application being used for a major cosmetic company.

We deliver systems designed for the mid to long run printing industry. Traditionally this market was dominated by an old style approach to printing press manufacturing. This obsolete approach is at want for the latest technologies that can now, quite literally, deliver results 1000 times more precisely than just of a decade ago. KPG-Canada Inc has met the challenge to satisfy the requirements, drawing from its years of experience. Enabled by powerful computing, networked together with various components, we now achieve control of no longer 1 thousandths of a second, but 1 millionths of a second. In being committed to a foreword facing developmental strategy to stay relevant to the constantly evolving demand in terms of both practicality and functionality, KPG-Canada Inc. anticipates their launch of a new line of Upgradeable Digital Printing Presses for the global label market at large. With the development of this new line, the UDPP will complete KPG-Canada’s product and service offerings and thus situate KPG-Canada Inc. as a key partner and focal point of manufacturer in the global printing industry.

We look forward to assisting you with a wide spectrum of flexibilities to satisfy your demands in this market sector so that we may enhance the appeal and productively of your smart printing and packaging requirements.