Automatic Butt Splicer

KPG­-Canada Inc. brings the latest technology and software to the Non-Stop, Butt Splicing, narrow web industry. This system incorporates servo motors and regenerative drives.

The large 22” HMI Touch Screen Monitor makes it easy and intuitive to operate and control the entire machine. KPG’s continuous unwinding allows our customers to save time and money by keeping production running at speeds up to 180 meters/min. Each machine is completely customizable to meet your specific industry demands and budgetary constraints.


KPG’s Automatic Butt Splicers help you achieve productivity standards that haven’t been available in the narrow web finishing industry. Each custom unit is made to your specific requirements and budget. State of the art technology and our up­scalable software allows you to be ready for any future changes in the industry.


  • Transfer made at zero speed while process is running at full speed
  • System includes integrated axial web guide with ultrasonic sensor.
  • Max splicing speed: Up to 180 m/min
  • Max web width: 500mm
  • Max roll weight: 75kg
  • Max roll diameter: 800mm
  • Core diameter: 3”
  • Dual direction unwinding
  • Auto Splice by length
  • Auto Splice by roll diameter
  • Automatic spindle inflate/deflate
  • 22″ HMI touch screen monitor for simple and clear control of the machine.
  • Easy setting & operational control of various components via HMI
  • Tension setting, roll diameter, and all other functions are entered through the touch screen monitor
  • Intuitive to operate controls with diagnostics screen
  • Remote support via wired Internet to the machines
  • Utilizes Regenerative Power Supply and drives, System recovers energy from braking Unwinds
  • Diagnostic of individual drives and motors are monitored and displayed on screen.
  • Automatic logging of “Job Data Statistics”, which include such factors as: Running speed, Number of Stops, Average Speed, Percentage Waste, Job Run Length, etc. Other reporting factors can typically be easily added as requested.
  • Full diagnostic visual alarm display on HMI for the operator. Includes feedback on interlocks, tensions, web guides, motor status, etc. These are intended to be self descriptive, intuitive controls, that make operation easy for any operator.
  • Languages can be easily changed on HMI via push button.
  • Job data is stored in the memory and can be displayed on the screen, complete with all previous settings such as various web tension levels, positional settings.
  • Utilizes the latest technology. EtherCAT Communication Platform controls each device every millisecond. For important timing issues, control can be up to one millionth of a second.
  • Tools are provided for configuring the underlying settings of the EtherCAT devices. This is intended for any availability issues that may occur decades later.
  • Able to interface with other communication standards for additional auxiliary components.

Optional Upgrades

Web Guide can be included on the Unwinder depending on customer’s requirements to meet desired side to side accuracy. This optional web guide on the Unwinder is used to align the web at the exit of the Unwinder. In this location, it can minimizes splice waste and improve general guiding accuracy

Remote Monitoring of Screens by Management or Maintenance. There can be either independent Virtual screens that the operator cannot see, or the same identical screen that is shared with the operator.

Reporting via email to Quality Control or Management. Reports job progress, or job statistics on an hourly, daily, or per job basis.

Memory saving capabilities in the cloud for an unlimited number of jobs

Monitoring via Remote Cameras for key areas of importance.

Automatic logging of critical machine data for indications of out of tolerance wear, Based upon this data, we can automatically schedule maintenance and be notified of components to be replaced.Self diagnostic reporting and maintenance reporting available

Built in lift feature to lift heavy rolls off the floor

Increase of Running/Splicing Speed

Increase of Max Roll Diameter

Increase of Max Weight

Increase of Running Tension

Core diameter: 6”

Max web width: 600mm

Standard Features

Splicing speed

up to

180 m/min

590 ft/min

Web width

up to

500 MM

19.7 IN

Roll Diameter

up to

800 MM

31.5 IN



3 Phase
220 VAC
+ / ­ 10 %


80 PSI

Specific requirements?

For details about your specific requirements, please contact KPG­-Canada Inc. for our custom solutions.

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