Custom Engineering Services

KPG-Canada has both the expertise and experience of developing automation solutions utilizing the latest technology.  Our expert team is able to comprehensively analyze production bottle necks, or make expensive production procedures/techniques more efficient.  Let us help you to lower your long term cost by implementing efficient intelligent automation technologies in your production facilities.  Some of the techniques we can utilize are camera inspection/guided operations, timing of events down to 1 millionth of a second, robotic arms, production and packaging systems, etc.  The following are some examples of machinery built utilizing such technology.


Finishing/ Packaging/ Filling Line

Designed, developed, manufactured, tested, and supported during production line launch / start up operation.  Designed for a leading company in the cosmetic promotional marketing industry.  In a single in-line operation, controls 3 continuously active webs.  Machine forms containers, then fills them,  attaches/incorporates label and precisely re-index to high quality pre-printed material.  The line has been designed to handle different product ranges from low viscosity (volatile) samples to very high viscosity samples.  Custom design for that customer, as per customer’s demanding requirements.  Application unique for that industry, not for resale.


Finishing Line for digital processes

For the finishing of digitally printed products.  Includes such items as automatic custom length cutting and trimming from either a mark or fixed predetermined lengths.


Customized Low cost Solutions for digital printing processes

Non-stop unwind (Splicing on the Fly)

Splice in new roll, applying splicing tape to both sides of the splice.  Implements accumulator, servo motors, sensitive timing and tension control.

Non-stop rewind (Splicing on the Fly)

Splice-in precisely at the right location, with any label stock for any job (no waste & no stopping) Ready to run without any adjustments, runs short or long jobs without any stops.



Develop solutions for packaging, utilizing from the ground up our own highly cost effective design, implementing our own  pick-and-place and Robotic solution, and then the palletizing of products.


Quality Assurance

Develop custom inspection procedures and reporting of pre-printed material, inspection while filling product, monitoring and reporting as the final wrapping is taking place.  Statistical logging and reporting with optional integration of data into database or customer’s existing solution.



Integrating different added value processes to existing production lines.  Adding additional die stations, re-registration, etc.


3-d CAD and Active Simulation Modeling

Capable of live modeling of proposed projects.  In 3-d drawings and modeling software, test prospective designs with real world sizes, operating parameters, motor speeds and loads, moments of inertia, timing, software, etc.  Provides excellent test bed for testing out concepts before expensive manufacturing.

Specific requirements?

For details about your specific requirements, please contact KPG­-Canada Inc. for our custom solutions.

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