2-Spindle Turret Rewinder

KPG-Canada Inc. provides economical Rewinders for the narrow web industry.  These customizable machines can run in-line with your printing presses or finishing lines.  They automatically transfer running web materials from full rolls to empty cores without ever having to stop.

KPG tailors there machines to completely match all of your specific industry needs with the latest technology and software.  An easy to use 22” touch screen monitor allows you to be in full control of the entire process while giving you feedback and history of all job settings for future tracking and analysis.

  • Two-spindle continuous winder for narrow web presses.
  • Splicing is accomplished by dynamically cutting and applying the web directly to empty core.


Two Spindle Turret Rewinder, with 2 Positions: One spindle is in the Loading position as the other spindle is in the actively running position. Tension range 5kg 12kg, roll diameter up to 800mm. Tension feedback is accomplished via Load Cell.

Splicing is accomplished without an accumulator, but by dynamically cutting and applying the web directly onto the new empty core. 2 Sided splicing tape must be applied to the empty core by operator.


  • Max splicing speed: 120 m/min
  • Max web width: 600mm
  • Max roll weight: 75kg
  • Max roll diameter: 800mm
  • Core diameter: 3”
  • Web break detection
  • Operating tension: 5 – 12 kg
  • Splicing onto new empty roll by:
  1. Manual push button
  2. Auto Splice by User Set length
  3. Auto Splice by User Set roll diameter
  4. Most commonly used, Auto Splice to match position of Butt
  • Splice (Accuracy +/300mm)
  • Operator adjustable winding profile (Taper)
  • Manual core unloading.
  • Manual roll unloading.
  • Single direction rewinding clockwise.
  • Automatic spindle inflate/deflate

Optional Upgrades

  • Web Guide can be included on the Rewinder depending on customer’s requirements to meet desired side to side accuracy
  • Rewinder Infeed Assembly: This improves tension stability of the Rewinder
  • Razor Blade Slitter
  • Core diameter: 6”
  • Banana Roller to improve separation of slit product
  • Stand and auto eject station for roll removal.
  • Roll lift and carry trolley
  • Rotary Sheer Slitter
  • Segmented Shafts (End control profile for rewinding)
  • Remote Monitoring of Screens by Management or Maintenance.
  • There can be either independent Virtual screens that the operator cannot see, or the same identical screen that is shared with the operator.
  • Reporting via email to Quality Control or Management, of Job progress,  or job statistics on an hourly, daily, or per job basis.
  • Memory saving capabilities in the cloud for an unlimited number of jobs
  • Monitoring via Remote Cameras for key areas of importance.
  • Automatic logging of critical machine data for indications of out of tolerance wear, Based upon this data, we can automatically schedule maintenance and be notified of components to be replaced.
  • Self diagnostic reporting and maintenance reporting available
  • Increase of Max Roll Diameter
  • Increase of Max Weight
  • Increase of Running/Splicing Speed

Standard Features

Transfer Speed

up to

230 m/min


Web width

up to


24 in.

Roll Diameter

up to


31.5 in.



3 Phase

220 VAC

+ / – 10 %


up to

80 PSI

Specific requirements?

For details about your specific requirements, please contact KPG­-Canada Inc. for our custom solutions.

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